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Christian Juan Page "10001"

L'espace de l'espèce presents
Christian Juan Page "Tenthousandandone"

Opening Wednesday, March 11, 7pm

Runtime 12.03.-31.03., Thur-Sat 16-19h
and by appointment kerstin.godschalk@hb55.de


10001: an artist‘s universe is unfolding in front of us which‘s big bang was the dripping of paint out of the canvas.
Christian Juan Page‘s body of work gains a maximal presence by minimal and primary structures: The body of painting is released through the ever renewed encounter of its essences elevated from their functional familiarity and hierarchy to the status of pure aesthetic and referentiality. Without objectification and any declaration of a subject-object partition the elements constituting a painting are becoming of existence through their interrelations in the artistic process. Every step becomes an integral part of the work, oscillating between abstraction and representation of his own artistic practice.
For the „Emulsions“ Christian Juan Page steps behind the canvas and releases through his physical impulses the extensive and raw materiality of the paint. Dripping out of the canvas, leaving the frame, he follows the paint and encounters the wide range of the marks of the painterly process. It is a becoming of form deliberated from any compository principle, art movement and dichotomy.
The spectator is confronted with an organic existence present through uncertainty not endurance. You are in space with the works like you are on a street. Streets appear and dissolve depending on our focal point which can‘t be fixed nor determined. We can rather find us on or besides it but we will never have one decisive focal point, just one which is constantly in motion, going along the road.

Christian Juan Page


Photography © Jörn Rädisch