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OKO Performance

performance10.jpg(noise/video) is a musical and visual collaboration between two artists, both with an interest in improvised aggressive noise - performed live. Oko is an attempt to create a total environment, enveloping the audience in its presence and communicating through multi-sensory, abstract impulses that are intended to provoke a deep individual experience.


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spent eight long years as a ballet dancer in Europe and New York City before quitting and un-educating herself in Colorado, where she created and performed many interdisciplinary performance art pieces. She received her Mfa at the University of Colorado at Boulder and was a professor of vocal and movement improvisation. She relocated to Berlin in 2008, where she has mostly been doing music but she looks forward to creating her sonic-visual-art-theater again in the near future.


In his on-going experimental art&business projects Mark Brogan is exploring the alternative strategies of self-sustainability of art, as well as the tactical approach to what is considered to be the basic principle of business.