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Ausstellung « UNDRAWING THE HORIZON » , Monat der Fotografie OFF Berlin, Nov. 2016.
Laure Catugier
Sabine Mittermeier
Tim Van den Oudenhoven


The exhibition UNDRAWING THE HORIZON shows the distinct approaches of three photographers and how they position themselves towards both urban and natural landscapes. Through absence, chiaroscuro and acts of hiding the horizons, the artists investigate the possibilities of landscape photography as a reflection of emotional as well as psychological states of being.

In her work “Schlagschatten”, Laure Catugier (°1982) focuses on façades that almost turn into abstraction with the focus on strong shadows, creating artificial horizons in the urban environment that enhance the sharp, geometric purity of this series. The shadows highlight the rigid architectural shapes, adding depth to the photographs, which creates a sublimation of the functional everyday environments that are being pictured.


The photography of Sabine Mittermeier (°1980) takes us on a journey through the forest, but in fact also through several stages of consciousness. The immense density of the natural landscapes creates a clear sense of disorientation. The overwhelming flora may reveal one’s innermost emotions of anxiety and threats, but also of inner peace and acceptance. We wander along with her through the dreamlike forest, embracing the solitude that instils us with both fear and hope.


Tim van den Oudenhoven (°1983) shows the series “Horror Vacui”, isolated nocturnal landscapes in oceans of nightly black. Often described as a coping mechanism, this fear of the void is reflected by using pitch black, a surface that cannot be filled any more. The landscape, the horizon, as well as any other element that could be used as a reference point are entirely absent. The little islands of the landscape that are shown, are meant to attract, to feel uncanny, both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.


Fotos by Aleks Slota