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Rinetta Klinger

Foto: Rinetta Klinger

Rinetta Klinger develops a unique aesthetic language that is based on sensual and tactile materials. She works on discovering contradictions and hindrances as well as harmony, structure and game while exploring the tension of opposites. One of her main interests is the pursuit of happiness of mankind. Her compositions on stretcher frame, graphics and room installations introduce multi-layered structures. She uses textiles as a base upon which she layers (processed in different techniques) wool, yarn, edging, foil, paper, paint, and miniature objects (objet trouvé). Her aim is to tell stories which everyone can interpret in their own way. Her creations present motif worlds that oscillate through their closely layered and interconnected into each other components, and unite the micro and macro cosmos on one hand and order and chaos on the other.

Rinetta Klinger is a fashion designer graduate. She earned her degree at the Fashion Academy Stuttgart, Germany. She served an apprenticeship at Milliner in Nördlingen, Germany, followed by a three-year study and work stay in Tel Aviv, Israel where she founded a Showroom and her first Studio. She returned to Europe in 2000 to actively participate in the international art scene.
Rinetta Klinger was born in Šilutė, Lithuania, lives and works in Berlin.