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Sam Melser


Born in New Zealand, Im 36 years old and am citizens of both France and New Zealand.

My work deals foremost with analogy and resemblances. I build an intermediate and transitory universe where the realms of vegetable, mineral and animal are inextricably associated. The decomposing or recomposing fragmentary forms in my paintings derive from prehistoric times at the mythological formation of the world and sometimes allude to scientific diagrams either macroscopic or microscopic. From the interior of bodies and cave dwellings, to forms which are not yet figurative nor completely abstract, I refer to my painting in the terms of organic biomorphism. The theme of time is recurrent in my work in which prehistory and prospective futurism come together in an anachronistic manner. The before is related to the after in a world where robots meet our prehistoric ancestors. Time escapes the viewer who is seduced on a nomadic and primordial ballade where the imagination of the viewer is enticed into performing perceptual exercises.



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