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Sebastien Nayener

My name is Sebastien Nayener, I am a French self-taught artist and I just settle down in Berlin since April 17th 2019 to build an international network and live from my art.
I propose different type of creations:

- Personalized creations: Your history, your life, your intimacy constitute the outline of my drawing and feed my palette. Your custom order consists of artistic alphabets and ancestral signs.
- Figurative paint
- Street art (links for your 2 project on the Kunstfabrik's wall : https://www.seboh.eu/fr/dt_portfolios/portrait/ & https://www.seboh.eu/fr/dt_portfolios/saiyan/
- Digital painting
- Wood art
During a stopover in Berlin at the beginning of 2018, he discovered the city's unique atmosphere, tolerance and freedom. I’m very inspire by this environment and it is with pleasure that I will welcome you to my studio and introduce you to my art.

my website: www.seboh.eu