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DUE NORTH brings together 5 contemporary artistic positions. Three of them are directly influenced by arctic regions, be it geographically, geopolitically, climatically or historically. This show places these views alongside two other artists whose work aesthetic is reminiscent of the landscapes found beyond the 60th parallel north. To let them enter into a dialogue and have their unique voices tell tales of the Great North. This group show aims at investigation on how art can function as a barometer for the destabilisation of global structures, linking artistic process and awareness to what could essentially be an indicator, advocator, potentially even an inciter, of altering mindsets and cultural change.

Join us for the opening reception: we have drinks, nibbles and great art! :)

Opening: 02.08 - 18h
Duration: 03.08 - 08.08

Opening times:
Saturday, Sunday & Monday 14 - 19 h
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday by appointment via info@othergrounds.org or social media channels

Kristian Askelund
Rieko Hotta
Xue Mu
Pako Quijada
Clémentine Rettig*

*Clémentine Rettig's work has been created with the support of dieesifabrik.de

Curated by Berlin-based platform Othergrounds
PR by Artponds