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the face of the other

“The heteronomous experience that we seek would be an attitude that cannot be converted into a category, and whose movement unto the other is not recuperated in identification, does not return to its points of departure.”
“A face _enters_ our world from an absolutely alien sphere-that is, precisely out of an absoluteness, which in fact is the name for fundamental strangeness”
(Emmanuel Levinas, “The Trace of the Other”)

Alterity defines a relation to what is unfamiliar, unknown. The stranger, the face of the “other“ that is in no measure to be recognised as part of the same. Alterity is an encounter with the other that has to remain transcendent.

A discourse on alterity brings together the work of Selda Atlas-Temür and Aurora Del Rio.

In “The Symphony of the Women” the photographer seeks a contact with the Other grasping that alterity that goes deep into the intimate sphere, that moment of nudity that, for a second, reveals a soul.

In “Der goldene Vogel” a body is caught in the moment of its
shapeshifting, from woman to man, from human to not human. The attempt is to describe alterity as what relinquishes a finished form: wharemains in between, the state of passage, the dwelling in a liminal state.