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Freie Studios

Live at Canteen55

Scalper bringing his special blend of Hip Hop performing songs from his 3 albums

C-drík / Kirdec & other projects. bringing the noise and ambient vibes

Singer songwriter Pauline Toute Seule (translated Pauline Alone) with her magical acoustic set

exchange of senses / Rieko Hotta

- exchange of senses / Rieko Hotta
- opening: Do. 16. Juli 2015 19 Uhr
- 17 - 19. Juli 2015 15 - 19 Uhr
- HB55 Margarine

Berlin Food Artweek

Gallery Weekend 2015

Das Programm zum Gallery Weekend:

Ariel Gout "Palm Pebbels"

Cautious and careful - the exhibition is centred around an in situ piece lending its name. Ariel Gout‘s Palm Pebbles are calmly unfolding in front of us tone in tone in a white space with muted shades of white and beige modestly engaging with one another.


Sense is created, materiality encountered and meaning is produced through constant transformation. Aligned in the row of preceding group exhibitions evoking „Sense(s)“ and delving „Beyond the Abstract and the Concrete“ this third group show curated by Kerstin Godschalk gathers around those „Transformations“.



April 11
Canteen 55

2030 Pie IX Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Designed as a long-term installation, the six projects installed at 2030 blvd. Pie-IX expand the notion of traditional wall-based art. Labrona translated his iconic street art into graphic, colorful, figural paintings that react to interior architectural details. Dominique Petrin produced hundreds of handmade silkscreen prints and hand-cut and collaged them in a vivid presentation.

Rene Sauerbrei | Stromwirbel

Rene Sauerbrei | Stromwirbel

Warm up Opening, Donnerstag 26 März 2015, ab 18 Uhr

Start: Freitag 27.3 14-20 Uhr
Art Talk: Sonnabend 28.3 14-20 Uhr
Cool Down: Sonntag 29.3 12-18 Uhr

Kunstfabrik HB55