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Rene Sauerbrei | Stromwirbel

Rene Sauerbrei | Stromwirbel

Warm up Opening, Donnerstag 26 März 2015, ab 18 Uhr

Start: Freitag 27.3 14-20 Uhr
Art Talk: Sonnabend 28.3 14-20 Uhr
Cool Down: Sonntag 29.3 12-18 Uhr

Kunstfabrik HB55



Artist I Yoore Yang & Laure Catugier
Writer / Curator I Gauthier Lesturgie
Date I March 20 - April 03. 2015
Venue I NON Berlin
Organizer I NON Berlin

« Vladimir : And Where were we yesterday evening according to you
Estragon : How would I know ? In another compartment. There’s no lack of void. » (1)


L'espace de l'espèce presents
Christian Juan Page "Tenthousandandone"

Opening Wednesday, March 11, 7pm

Runtime 12.03.-31.03., Thur-Sat 16-19h
and by appointment kerstin.godschalk@hb55.de


Save the date for the 2015 Francis J. Greenburger Awards!


How the other half lives - photobook

A self-published photobook about stray cats, their living conditions and their view on the world.

It's a book about stray cats, their environment and their opinions about discrimination, freedom and life in general.

Stammtisch and more

15-17h curatorial happy hour with our in-house curator Kerstin Godschalk
17-??h Stammtisch with a special presentation by Steffen Matt from Mattcolor: services reaching far beyond color management: useful information for artists, graphic designers, photographers etc..
where? at Canteen 55!


Nice studio with bay window

Raum 1.06 im Vorderhaus frei
Erste Etage Richtung Nord, großes Fenster, sehr hell.

27,90 qm
167,40 € Kaltmiete
288,46 € Warmmiete (brutto inkl. MwSt.)

All the best

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

"Perdurant" by Guro Gomo

"Perdurant" by Guro Gomo
A video installation

Premiere: 17.12.2014, 18.55
with live music performance
by Stein Urheim and Benedicte Maurseth

and 18.12.2014, 18.55
with SPECIAL Norwegian Christmas Dinner
starting at 19:55
tickets to be purchased until 15.12.2014 at Canteen 55, reservations via PM
Menu: https://www.facebook.com/events/331866373683136/

Norwegian Christmas Dinner

HB55 wants to thank everyone for this wonderful year, full of encounters, exchanges and visits. In the cosy atmosphere of Canteen 55 we invite artists, friends and everyone who would like to join us to enjoy a Norwegian Christmas Dinner starting at 19:55.

The menu is:

Shrimp bruschetta

Fresh whole salmon baked in sea salt stuffed with seasonal herbs

Vegan pumpkin and sage rissotto