3Elfen – Fair produzierte Mode in Berlin Lichtenberg
Jeden Freitag ist unser Atelier + Showroom von 12 bis 20 Uhr geöffnet und man kann zum Shoppen vorbei kommen.


Aerosol Tech

screenshot www.shadesdet.com - Antonio "Shades" Agee

Antonio „Shades“ Agee, a passionate Detroit native now residing in Berlin Germany, was an active participant in the creation of the Detroit graffiti scene as one of the first documented artists in the city.


Aleks Slota

Aleks Slota Website

Aleks Slota’s multidisciplinary practice mainly consists of performance and sound, presented in both art spaces and the public sphere. The work addresses the construct of the public persona, the cult of personality that often results, and the underlying motivations of such individuals. I also attempt to disarm systemic and interpersonal violence by mocking it and deploying absurd artistic strategies against it.


Andrea Breinbauer

Andrea Breinbauer - Screenshot Website

Andrea Breinbauer (b. Santiago, Chile 1990). Her work is characterized by the use of painting to reflect on issues such as simulacra, the narrative capabilities of the image and the two-dimensionality of the surface. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Andrew Moncrief

Andrew Moncrief Website

Andrew Moncrief (b.1987) is a visual artist from Comox Valley, Canada. Influenced at an early age by a rigid and immobile interpretation of masculinity, Andrew’s work explores depictions of the male identity, questioning idealism, queerness, and representation.


Carolina Amaya

Carolina Amaya Website

Could be erotism the main axis of life? Could color change and stimulate our emotions? Carolina Amaya’s work reveals the intimate relationship and process of these encounters with our own selves and bodies. From a micro to a macro level.


Elio Graziano

Elio Graziano - artist

The creative act, the self and the transformation. Inspiration is to let flow the mind in remembering – it is the point of intersection of memory and imagination, which (only in that time) returns to being a one and only essence. The creative action is the Seed of Inspiration: its fruit is an imperceptible and intimate Transformation: necessary conditions are instinctual Intellect and a truthful Heart.


Elke Renate Steiner

Elke-Renate-Steiner - steiner comix

Elke Renate Steiner is a Berlin based freelance comics creator. Besides comics books and illustrations, Steiner is drawing LIVE, creating process documentations. A main part of her comics are dealing with German-Jewish history, Feminism, LGBTIAQ+ and Post-Ost.



Fade Out Label

FADE OUT LABEL is a sustainable fashion brand born in Berlin in early 2015 by Andrea Bonfini owner and art-director of the brand. Unisex, Zero Waste and Unique garments with an oversized fit made of deconstructed vintage denim and upcycled fabrics are what FADE OUT LABEL collections are made of. 

INSTAGRAM: fadeoutlabel

Giulio Giustini

Giulio Giustini website screenshot

Giulio Giustini is a contemporary artist born in Sansepolcro, Italy and based in Berlin. Initially he dedicated himself to the study of materials and their assembly, creating wall sculptures. After years his work is focusing on painting, on wood and old canvas, and tells the story of isolation from the world in a very instinctive way. With a primitive language he has immortalized the past and how he sees the future, never so far from the present. At the moment of creation the solitude had disappeared, and in that moment he manages to forget everything.


Lilian Mühlenkamp

Lilian Mühlenkamp

Lilian Mühlenkamps abstract works on self-framed large sized canvases explore controlled free-flow by using a vibrant technique of color application. In her creative process tension between aleatory (randomly) and openly forming moments of inviting randomness and precise guidance of the material is omnipresent. To only let the paint and water flow, wouldn’t be challenging enough. To create something out of it, so shape, frame it and “communicate” with it is the most interesting part of the act of painting.


Seboh Creation

Sebastien Nayener - Seboh Creation

My name is Seboh, I grew up through the 90s pop culture, my graphic style is strongly influenced by this period. Geometric shapes, profusion of colors and black outlines compose my artistic productions. Installed in Berlin since 2019, I had the opportunity to develop my skills through different techniques: spray, acrylic and digital painting. Through each project I’m happy to show you the fruit of these learnings and artistic experiences.


Simone Kaltenegger

Simone Kaltenegger - heartbeat - 100x80cm - acrylic on canvas

Simone Kaltenegger paints very intuitively, guided by the painting process and existing emotions. Her work appears like a dairy of feelings. Every single artwork creates different interpretations for the viewer, similar to an inkblot. Her abstract paintings are dark but not gloomy, minimalist and mystical. In her paintings she occasionally combines the main medium acrylic with texture paste, chalk, oil pastel and more. The focus is on the color black, sometimes combined with white and single (neon) color accents. Her inspiration she finds in the streets of Berlin.


Tim van den Oudenhoven

Tim van den Oudenhoven

Tim van den Oudenhoven (°1983) uses experimental photography to explore themes of vanishing and transience, moving between timelessness and destruction and away from the concept of Photography as in any way capable of being able to represent reality.



URBAN OLIVE DESIGN website screenshot

URBAN OLIVE DESIGN is an independent and experimental jewelry art project that was started in 2015 in Berlin. It creates wearable sculptures and contemporary jewelry. The research of innovation forms and the process of unconventional materials is important as the realization of the exacting quality handcrafted creations.