Müll nebenan by The Margarine Artists

Margarine Invitation

The Margarine Artists Initiative opens 20 June and runs until 23 June 2024!

Introducing “Müll nebenan” the first curatorial project and exhibition of the Margarine Artists Initiative. Inspired by the adjacent recycling centre, participating artists draw inspiration from the social, economic, visual, auditory and poetic associations that come from discarded and re-purposed materials.

Thursday 20 June 2024:
Opening 6–10pm
Friday 21 June 2024:
Saturday 22 June 2024:
Party 4pm – late
& Sound Performance „Klangwasser“ by @wak.klang at 8pm
Sunday 23 June 2024:

The Margarine curatorial project delves into the intricate tapestry of Lichtenburg District’s cultural, architectural, and historical fabric. Our projects examine the interplay between HB55 artists‘ creations and the broader socio-physical milieu of Lichtenberg to foster a dialogue between art and environment.

HB55 – Herzbergstr. 55 – 10365 Berlin