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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

"Perdurant" by Guro Gomo

"Perdurant" by Guro Gomo
A video installation

Premiere: 17.12.2014, 18.55
with live music performance
by Stein Urheim and Benedicte Maurseth

and 18.12.2014, 18.55
with SPECIAL Norwegian Christmas Dinner
starting at 19:55
tickets to be purchased until 15.12.2014 at Canteen 55, reservations via PM
Menu: https://www.facebook.com/events/331866373683136/

Norwegian Christmas Dinner

HB55 wants to thank everyone for this wonderful year, full of encounters, exchanges and visits. In the cosy atmosphere of Canteen 55 we invite artists, friends and everyone who would like to join us to enjoy a Norwegian Christmas Dinner starting at 19:55.

The menu is:

Shrimp bruschetta

Fresh whole salmon baked in sea salt stuffed with seasonal herbs

Vegan pumpkin and sage rissotto


5, 6 and 7 December 2014
Opening Friday 5 December at 7pm
Performances at 8pm

Play with the constellation of space,
stir up a discrepancy between the narrator and the auditor of a story,
witness a symbolic act,
engage with a dance from halted movements,
watch a chair ballet - What if one could see these as the rules of a game.

Lange Nacht der Bilder 2014

Hier das gesamte Programm:


Andreas Kramer, Kurator des Künstlerbuches und selber Künstler der Kunstfabrik HB55, präsentiert in den Räumen der Kantine (Canteen 55) das Projekt „Metropolis“

Metropolis ist internationales Künstlerbuchprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Centro Internazionale della Grafica in Venedig.
Kurator und Ideengeber ist der Berliner Künstler Andreas Kramer.

Nice rooms available again.



I am searching for artists/designers to share a 115 sqm open-plan studio/workshop based in the HB55 studio complex in Lichtenberg Berlin. In October I will renovate the space ready to share from the 10th October onwards.

Odissea | Andreas Kramer

präsentation: 16. oktober,19-22 uhr
opening: 16. october, 7-10 p.m.
öffnungszeiten: 22. - 24. oktober,15-18 uhr
opening hours: 22. - 24. october, 3-6 p.m.
27. - 29. oktober,15-18 uhr
27. - 29. oktober, 3-6 p.m.
kunstfabrik hb55 berlin
herzbergstr. 55 berlin-lichtenberg (tram m8)
tel. 0174 1501814 akramay@gmx.net www.andreas-kramer.eu

Voyage Vertical

Global Pop First Wave, a Corvo Records sublabel, presents the upcoming release:
Mount Olivet Inspirational Choir - Funky Gospel Soul from Chicago, 1976.

From the curator of “Bosporus Bridges Vol. 2,” and “Saz Beat” now comes “Mount Olivet Inspirational Choir”.